lose to win…

This morning, while sitting on the toilet and scrolling through Facebook, I see that someone posted a concert video of Fantasia (who I affectionately call Fanny) and her background singers sanging their faces off with a rearranged, churched-up version of, “Lose to Win.” I pause after she says: sometimes you gotta lose (my intrusive thoughts: surrender … let go … create somethin’ betta) to win again.

Hearing this song got me to musing on how I need to recommit myself to a better morning practice. This resulted in me logging off “the Book” and engaging in some self-motivation. This pep talk led to me wrapping my existence around this being the 1st Sunday of 2016. (The new calendar year is actually the midpoint of my birth year. I am a July baby, so January warrants a mid-year reflection.)

I know better than this. I woke up, went towards the bathroom, but then quickly ran to get my phone from the living room, before peeing on myself. I sat on the toilet and started scrolling. Dang it, no! Screen time = overstimulation = not good for me = ungh! When I am not mindful in the morning, I do this out of habit. My habits can be thoughtless and some do not serve me well, whereas, rituals and mindful practices better suit me.  When I think of rituals, I think of “sacred”…making special.

Yaaassss, this be’s the first Sunday of 2016. The day before many of us will go back to work, school and routine. But can we let go of our thoughtless mundane routines and lively up our mornings with more meaning? Can we sprinkle some sparkles and make magic with intentional morning rituals and practices?

Mornings. They set the tone for our day. So, what will your morning ritual(s) be in 2016?  How will you make your morning special? (I’ll start with: NO SCREEN TIME.) Will you pause and check in with your higher self as soon as you open your pretty eyes? Will you smile, maybe even laugh or do a grateful bed dance before rolling out of bed? This morning celebration isn’t about life being perfect or exactly how you want or need for it to be, it’s about having another day, another chance to do/be/have what your heart desires, cos somebody somewhere, who wanted to roll out, could not.

Will you jump-start your metabolism with a healthy meal/smoothie/breakfast bar and a glass of water? Will you set an intention before walking out the door?

Sistas, will you be clear on how you will be seen each day—not hiding behind anyone or anything, but having the courage to step further into yourself and your uncovering? Will you choose and expect a great day with the knowingness that with our minds we can make magic, peace, love, resources, connectedness and safety an actuality?

I left the bathroom feeling better, and I went to dig through my cds and found Fanny’s cd. I wanted to hear her sing on the surround sound. As I listened to “Lose to Win,” I reimagined the song not merely talmbout a relationship with bae, but life in general. Are we tired of the same-o-same o? How bout surrendering to a better relationship with our higher selves, starting with a mindful morning ritual?

Have a great day bloomers.

I love you,

Nicole JhanRea

Check out Fantasia: Lose to Win  (This isn’t the churched-up version as it’s on someone’s personal page but this is a good one, too.)

4 thoughts on “lose to win…

  1. Right on time! Thanks for this, I was just having this conversation with myself when I came home from the gym this morning. What can I do differently every morning so that my life doesn’t fall into this mundane cycle of nothingness?

  2. “Lose to Win” has always sparked some type of reflection and Fantasia’s soulful spirit and voice gives it that extra umph. I used to read my Bible plan everyday and once I finished all the ones I needed at the time I didn’t pick up a new one. I need to get back to that type of morning devotion.

    1. Peace Suga-Rai, I trust you will make your way back to your Bible plan as a daily practice. Or, maybe you can do something with Sigma-Sweet so she’s apart of the practice.

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