granny: art making and intentions!

IMG_3815Winter break: This particular morning we didn’t bother putting on clothes. After breakfast and reading “Our Daily Bread,” we stayed put at the kitchen table.




Playlist bumping a mixture of my tunes and Granny’s. (Years ago I created our own playlist, and over time, I’ve added to it.) Today’s table art mission was to create her 2016 Intentions Collage. Supplies: canvas, paint, glue stick, Mod Podge, brushes, paper towels, magazines, scissors (big and small), clean finger tips, patience, and attention to details.

I digress, days prior, on the Winter Solstice, we made a “spiral spread,” using Sacred Journey Cards.  We spent that day tapping into the energy of reflection, renewal and hibernation.

So,  what are Sacred Journey Cards?

Sacred Journey Cards


A spiral spread allows us to push the pause button and to look at our lives objectively.  Creating the spread consists of pulling seven sacred journey cards, with intention, and processing them. Three key words and concepts came up during the processing: “alert,” “meaningful” and “surrender.”  Sidenote: Surrender came up a lot this day. It was also in the “Our Daily Bread” reading and it resonated with her.spiral  After processing the spread she looked through magazine in search of images and words/phrases that jumped out at her related to her intentions. I supported the cutting and the tearing. She couldn’t just flip through the magazines, she wanted to engage with the articles, she wanted to read.


So, back to the day of kitchen table, art making. We prepped the canvas, applied the background paint and then delved into building the collage. Grams was engaged in my meticulous cutting of letters, words and images, making sure I didn’t ruin anything.

As she layered the pieces, she diligently monitored her fingertips to make sure they were free of glue and debris to smooth down the images.  To minimize bubbles and crinkles, from the center outward, the images, letters and words were placed and smoothed to evenly distribute the Mod Podge. IMG_3767Grams was leery that the Mod Podge would actually dry transparent and clear.  She didn’t want anything to ruin her collage. With each layer she added to the meaningIMG_3781



of her collage.  She was committed to each piece of the collage. Committed to the metaphor. Committed to the process. When explaining the woman running into the large body of water and her hand



treading water, my grandmother shared, “I chose her because her hand is behind her, it’s shushing away all that I’m leaving behind. Like her, I’m looking ahead at my 2016 goals.”

We’d talked extensively about letting go of things that no longer serve us.  And those lil “paragraphs” that she’d chosen for her collage, are stanzas from a poem about letting go of things.  Of course, the doggy represents her own dog, her companion. About her dog my grandmother said, “She gets me.” Awwwww! I tell Grams all the time that by default of her love of her dog and the dog’s absolute cuteness, we’ve also come to fall in love with that darn dog. They are definitely two peas in a pod, they know each others every move.

Granny&Me(c)2016nicolejhanrea“Voilà!” She leaned back in her chair and checked out her creation. [The green collage in the photo: I’d already made a word collage that I used as an example to show my grandmother what we’d be doing.]  While collaging, she’d peak over at the green piece.  She was looking to see if she was, “doing it right.” I’d reinforce, “There is no right or wrong…”

IMG_3801Art making and intention manifesting carried us into the lunchtime hour. Quickly, we pushed our art supplies to the side.  We enjoyed a hearty bowl of tomato vegetable soup. Me, the “left overs” queen. Nothing goes to waste, most leftovers during the winter month become a soup or stew.

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