why nicole jhanrea?

i digress… why nicole jhanrea? i was blessed with many names at birth—each with a story, each with sustenance.  in the spirit of blooming and uncovering, i chose to focus on the nicole and jhanrea parts of me in 2016.

the meaning of the name nicole: victory of the people!

both names carry the energy of sisterhood and lifelong friendships—three of my mama’s closest friends.  one chose the name nicole for me, and for the other two, my mother creatively combined their names to create, jhanrea.

the irony about nicole is that two of my closest high school and college friends are also nicole’s.  and then there was another nicole, who is now an ancestor—a sista-poet-friend who spelled her name with an “h,” nichole. whenever she’d called she’d jokingly say, “hey nicole, it’s the original nicole with an h.”  i miss that sista, she was such a kind spirit. Nicole L. Shields, i speak your name.

Nichole L. Shields, 1969-2009, created the Chicago Writers Collective, and in 2003, inspired by the famous photo of jazz greats “A Great Day in Harlem,” she organized a photograph of about 100 African-American writers from Chicago that was titled, “I, Griot: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.”

anyhoo, it’s me, nicole jhanrea and i look forward to my continued 2016 blooming.  who am i?

nicole jhanrea

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