Endow Me

Art making: It started with quotes from Mamas Angelou, Brooks and Morrison. I was in the bed flipping through a magazine and came across the wisdom of these Black womyn organized in perforated boxes on a glossy page.

The words were perfect, but the boxes were too neat and structured. I started tearing the edges because their words don’t belong in boxes, they’re limitless.

With the quotes at the forefront of my thoughts, I kept turning pages. In my mind’s eye: images, words, colors and patterns, unrelated to the ancestors’ and elder’s wisdom, were suddenly responding to the quotes. I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting and tearing out everything that was jumping off the page at me. I sooooo was not interested in this little adventure, I’d much rather be dozing off to sleep.

Moreover, I try not to work on collages in bed cos the little scraps often linger, but I was compelled to hang out with the quotes through making art.  I just happen to have a couple of other mags, bedside—yes, I keep art materials next to my bed. It was already late and I was winding down, but these quotes were on my spirit now, so I turned on some music and got it in.

Calibrate, Expectation and Synergy are works in progress, along with some more pieces, which will round out this new collage mixed-media series I’m calling,”Endow Me 2016.”

Oh and, I’m enjoying this new process I’ve been experimenting with—I engage the materials with my hands, and then take pics to further manipulate the images on the computer. It’s like art in art, in art!

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