Guest bloomer: Nicole C. Harris

Today’s “1st Mo(o)nday Motivation” kicks off Black His/Herstory Month.  Also, She blooms Black introduces the “being seen in twenty-sixteen” series that will run the entire year. I’ve invited my sista-friends to answer the following question: How do you make yourself visible as a Womon/Black?  My first guest bloomer is one of my oldest and dearest friends, Ms. Nicole Harris. Keep reading to see how she makes herself visible.  Sistas, no hiding in twenty-sixty, let’s see you! I’m grateful for another Mo(o)nday and another month of 2016. If you haven’t done so, please check in with yourself and your intentions! Manifesting! In progress…

Happy Mo(o)nday & Happy February…

How Do I Make Myself Visible As a Womon/Black?
by Nicole Harris

How do I make myself visible

as a womon/Black?

By walking in my purpose

By teaching my sons to bask

In their instinctive regality

Their nobility never being masked


My skin possesses melanin,

too much to deny

My womanhood is evident

anytime that I walk by

My smile conveys my pride

in all I’ve overcome

My laugh lets it be known

I’m not afraid of anyone


Some see it as conceit

I just recognize my birthright

A queendom is what I’m due

My life I’ll give up in the fight

Our legacy lies in our spirit;

The warrior inside WILL prevail

The fact that we have strength beyond measure

Inhibits our ability to fail


How do I make myself visible

As a womon/Black?

I simply follow the lead of the Creator

It shows me how to act

I always seek to glorify

Never to bring my Creator down

And because this is my motivation

I sometimes wear a crown

The jewels in the crown make me visible,

Even on days I don’t want to be

But at last I can look in the mirror

And truly love everything I see!

Bio of Guest bloomer:

Nicole C. Harris

CEO and Founder, NK Squared Errand and Concierge Services

CEO and Founder, Suena Enterprises

Author of the Soon-to-be-Released “Working Off the Beaten Path”

On-Air Personality at APS Radio

41 year old divorced mother of 2 and 1 angel

© 2016 All Rights Reserved by Nicole C. Harris

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