unapologetic lips…

felt some kinda way about the attacks on the lips. her Black gyrl lips. full & fluffy & plush & perfect. racist comments, attempting to negate their beauty. so, i revisited a piece of prose i wrote & published ten years ago.  i also revisited pics of pretty lips. my own.

he said

                          he liked my lips

neva paid much attention to

my lips/other than sampling

mac lip-gloss enhancement/

or lard smeared at night./

yesterday after peeing and

washing my hands/the mirror

caught me/surveyed their

proportion/explored their

lushness/puckered up close

with the me i saw/stepped

back and smiled/profiled/

got closer/parted them slightly./

“i like these things…they

are quite becoming…i shld be

a lip model.”/

the mole above my upper lip

i’ve always fancied/thinking it

accented my lips but it’z this

cute pair/that accents my lil

black mound./


© 2005 nicole jhanrea

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