Guest Bloomer: Milcah Ferguson

To jump off Womyn’s Herstory Month here is more Womon/Black truths about “Visibility.” This week’s guest bloomer is Milcah Ferguson. International social worker, creative being and she can cook (really good). Check out her “being seen in twenty-sixteen”response below.


‘Visibility’ has always been one of those things I’ve struggled with off and on throughout my life. Mainly, through minimizing my intellect, skills-set, accomplishments, wants, heart’s desires and needs. Add to this the intricate and innate fact I am a Black Womon, I further shied away from being visible by suppressing much of what and who I am for the sake of not appearing too vulnerable, too strong, too weak, too angry, too happy, too loud and too eccentric. What I’ve come to understand and appreciate about myself, in respect of ‘visibility’, is I have to be present, more specifically, unapologetically present and loving. Present in each and every moment, present within myself, and present in not only what I bring and give to an exchange or experience, but in what I allow myself to receive. For me, this is how I actualize my visibility as a Black Womon.



Peace, I’m Milcah (Mel) Ferguson. A Native of Chicago, currently residing in England, UK. I am a Creative, Advocate, Educator and Social Worker who utilizes the full range of my skills to empower individuals and communities who are marginalized, at a disadvantage and disenfranchised. I am passionate about empowerment, and believe this can be achieved through expression.

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