Needing to unpack…

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We gon’ be alright / Do you hear me, do you feel me?/We gon’ be alright. -K.Dot

I have a lot on my bird, but I don’t have the mental or emotional space to fully unpack it all. Below are some robust thoughts that I look forward to processing in the next few weeks.

  1. As our mattering endures and we continue to exist in our humanity, I breathe.
  2. Two songs, different genres : same essence, are on an uninterrupted rotation in my spirit and on my tongue: “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar and “I’ll Make It” by Hezekiah Walker & LFCC featuring John P. Kee.
  3. At a friend’s bearthday gathering, which morphed into a sista-circle, a sista asked: “What do we want as womyn?” Someone not only quickly responded, but reacted with her entire body, “Freedom.”
  4. There is a difference between being direct and having a “nasty attitude.” At the heart of “nastiness” is pain, and it’s the ego that feeds “nastiness.”
  5. Trump has reminded people of color about facelessness. For oppression to “work” and be maintained, oppressors cannot “see” human faces or the humanness of those they harm.
  6. School discipline for Black gyrls is saturated in shaming, respectability politics, heteronormativity, misogyny and the sexism of being, unladylike.
  7. As a mental health practitioner I ask: Is Depo-Provera (DMPA – the birth control shot), contributing to the sterilization, depression and deeply disturbing mood changes of Black/Brown adolescent gyrls?
  8. Tend to our heart. How do we do this?
  9. The process of dying and death, informs the process of living and life.
  10. 2016, has been unrelenting.

Alright Now (Said I know I’ll make it, anyhow.) – H. Walker

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