The Social House

An experience: Cutely quaint. The “Social House.” An actual house. Food/Expresso served. 3 solo diners. 3 rooms. Not social. Alone. One wants gluten-free! A deconstructed bagel, She orders awkward. One studies. Books sprawled. One’s sold on detailed decor Airy. Homey. Crisp Table-painted blooms. Brown cushioned reception chairs. Matching baroque rugs. Hot mint medley tea. Brunch curry & “L-shaped” tots. Slow chew. Savors tastes. Maybe I’ll return, this evening for live music. See if it’s social, Then. 4.13.16 vpb (haiku series)

“Do” and “Be”

(For Nic) As a do’er, I transform into a be’er to hold healing space. (c)nj2016