Guest bloomer: wanderingforce magic

It’s been a minute, but let the sharing of sistas visibility continue. Here’s guest bloomer: wanderingforce magic’s response to how she makes herself visible as a Womon/Black.


wanderingforce magic

“If someone does not want me it is not the end of the world. But if I do not want me, the world is nothing but endings.” Nayirrah Waheed

most, i believe, can’t see what they aren’t ready to. their process is their own. however, if i am not ready to see myself. all that i am and can be. all sides of Eye. good. bad. peaceful. wild. the ugly… and the beautiful… then i am no good to me. to know oneself, to truly know thyself, and look forward to seeing your reflection everyday-throughout the day. literally, in mirrors, water, and windows. figuratively, through those we love and loathe is a revolutionary act. an act of unconditional love.

no one deserves my love and all i can give more than i do. and no one wants to be loved by me as much as i do. i am more than where i am and what ive done in any given moment. i have come a long way. and have many more yards to go. ive made mistakes and will continue to. this doesn’t make me any less or any more than anyone or anything. with this developed understanding i know that being able to really see all of who i am, and making space for the image to shift/morph is fundamental to my personal liberation. which is connected to the liberation of all.

my visibility is not conducive to who can see me but my willingness and ability to see me.

i smile in the mirror and say, “congratulations dear one. i love you. and im sorry.”


Alias and Bio – wanderingforce magic:

a child of the sun, intergalactic traveler originally from the galaxy unknown, brought to earth through the womb of a goddess. perfectly flawed. an experience of the senses. can be found in your discomfort

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