We Ain’t Dead…

(Unedited) I acknowledge death in Chicago streets, but far greater than surface recognition, I know there’s an intentional orchestration of this violence—the intentional breeding of the current state of this city, our city, and other melinated cities.  Which, it isn’t the whole city, just concentrated pockets on pre-gentrified, but planned out privilege-saturated futures, of blocks that will be manicured and landscaped.

Someones are getting paid off of dead Black and Brown bodies. Someones’ fears are fed off of e’ry Black and Brown dead and incarcerated body. Someones are being rewarded for dead Black and Brown bodies.

A white womon recently told me she doesn’t like the term “white supremacy cos it sounds so hateful.” She tried it. Attempted to be the victim. She placed a blood stained black dolly to her eyes to catch the white girl tears that do not startle or distract me from my own knowings as I have specially designed environmentally safe plant-based wearables (eye wear, cloak, galoshes and a parasol) that withstand white girl tears and attempted victimage and white fragility.

We argue with people of color about their lived experiences of racism. We say “not all white people!” and “all lives matter” and totally miss the point. We ask people of color to educate us, and to be “nice” about it. We talk about our good intentions. We bring up the times we were also treated badly. Why? Because we can. As white people living in white supremacy we have the power to take that focus because society values our words more than those of people of color. Amelia Shroyer

Oh and if we talmbout dislikes, I detest the modern day poplar trees called Chicago concrete and the normalization of body tape! None-the-less, WE keep getting dead but our spirit DOES NOT die. Blood soaked streets speak volumes. And I loathe the question: “Now why would anyone do this on purpose?” Same reason we were displaced from Africa in the first darn place.

The mental mind play that europeans had to accept and program deep into their psyche…it became innate and eventually a traceable DNA-markered-knowing that they accept the falsehood that we lack a personhood, that we ain’t humans/ons. But our melination so binding and strong that we still here and still BEING human/huewomon. They stay mad cos we still here.

They stay curating pipelines and death traps, but we still here, not only in these americas, but a whole Black Diaspora still here. We stay surviving, thriving, transcending, progressing, re-imaging and improvising our existence. We be that okra seed that survived the transatlantic, we still here! The spirit of we be growing, humonly death in this realm don’t kill we.

The violence is about displacement! This is about divestment. This is about lack of resources. This violence ain’t senseless, it makes a lot of sense cos what has happened in this city INTENTIONALLY to displace, KILL, disable, disenfranchise Black and Brown people. Do the research about things like (Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

“Rule No. 1 of TIFs is never tell the “peasants” about the handout until you’ve stuck ‘em with the bill.”


TIF misallocations and other resources that relate to schools, housing, transportation…resources that intentionally DO NOT find their way to our communities. We ain’t animals just out here shooting and killing one another! Turn off the tv and stop believing the hype and stop believing the worse of our people and our youth, too!

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