Countdown to 42…

Sunday morning parlaying on my couch. Vitamin bottles scattered around me. Figuring out my new supplement cocktail for the week. How do I best organize these pills in multiple cases, one that I’ll carry with me, the other that will stay at home?

This week, I will be trying something new, taking my supplements at different times of the day. I’ll be further monitoring how the vitamins make me feel: mentally, hormonally, digestively, energy-wise, bowels etc. I’m really being mindful of an iron deficiency. With research, I’ve learned that Vitamin C and B12 can support absorption. I knew about Vitamin C, but just learning more about the B12 part.

While doing this I’m watching Kerry Washington says something that resonates with me: “Stop trying to “fix” myself and just show up for myself.” I have an ah ha moment realizing that’s where I’m at in my life, I am showing up for myself in new and enriching ways, and I like it, I’m being fed.

However, I do not have a “broken” state of mind, so my personal truth on “fix” is more like this, “In exploring wellness and navigating life, make sure to show-up for myself, in a loving and patient way. It’s not about being perfect.” As I countdown to my 42nd rotation around sun, my bearthday, I want to more-and-more, show-up for myself in a loving way. As a “do-er.” As a “giver.” As a person who navigates life by, “love is in the details…” I innately show-up for others.

Walk in your truth

My: life path, passion, calling, anointing, job…career are all about showing up for others, it’s about being cognizant in making space and advocating for others, which inadvertently and in hindsight morphs into making space for myself, advocating for myself.

Actually, when I’m at my best and existing at my highest vibration, and most present and aware of myself, that is when I’m best able to show-up for others. I’ve come to also realize that my creative self is how I show up for me. Creating, though I share the (by)products with others, is very much so about me – taking and making space for myself. This is where the introverted extrovert comes into play. I have to be able to go within my cancer shell and put on my full armor to feel unconditionally safe and loved for the healing and reflection to exist!

So, as I countdown, I further tap into myself and exist more in my body. My body will help me to solidify the intentions and theme that will guide “42.” This will be a pivotal year for me because it also matches my life path number of 6 (4+2=6).

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