I created this saying black gyrl visible when I started working on my MFAW thesis, Womon/Black, a few years ago. This was during the time when black girl magic and talk of Black girls and women’s invisibility were really getting a new life…talks were really ramping up.

Likewise, I created the hashtag about the same time that I started this blog, She BLOOMS Black. Just like I spell woman, with a vowel, “o”…women, with a vowel,”y”…I also spell girl(s) with a vowel, “y”.

Woman = womon (singular)

Women = womyn (singular)

Girl/Girls = gyrl/gyrls (both)

#BlackGyrlVisible simply aligns with #SheBLOOMSBlack that centers Black gyrls and womyn. These spellings are done to be less patriarchal, as it’s allllllll about centering us, and making space for us to be seen, heard and to be reminded that we matter! Though I started the hashtag, I did NOT create the spelling of these words, feminist started these spellings a long time ago.

I even spelled womon and womyn like this in my MAAT (MA in Art Therapy) thesis with an explanation on my “terms/definitions” page.

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