White-boy soul with some country…

Once a week, take yourself on a date to “fill the well” of creativity.

August 2005 I was on an “artist date”—check out Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way,” if you aren’t familiar with artist dates. I’d been out and about for a while…had dinner and I just happen to look in the Reader. I saw that some dude named Marc Broussard was going to be at HOB that night. I didn’t know who he was, nor did I know anything about his music. I liked the Reader description: something like soulful mixed with country. I gets down with country music—the storytelling sucks me in—so I was open to checking out his show.

Tickets were cheap, so I showed up to House of Blues not knowing if they were sold out, or not. They weren’t, and I thoroughly enjoyed his show—the Reader description was accurate. His acoustic set was so full of emotions, he had the rawness and emoting thing down pat, coupled with the grit in his voice, it was good stuff. He sang a song “Lonely Night in Georgia” and another one “Gavin’s Song” for his son, and I was hooked. A few years later he did a cover album and remade Donny Hathaway’s,“I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” with his country and soulful twang and I was like, okay, I can dig it.

A perfect playlist is old Commodores (with Lionel Richie), Marc Broussard, Wynonna Judd and Bonnie Raitt. Oh and John Mayer, I try not to like his messy ass after that Rolling Stone article, but I like his music. Puhleeeze don’t revoke my “black card…” lol lol lol lol. This playlist definitely should be listened to with a mason jar of iced tea, a glove incense burning and chillin’ on the back porch. #sheBLOOMSblack

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