interrupted discourse…

I wrote the poem below in response to a video of a sista dancing, in a handstand, to James Vincent Mcmorrow’s, “Glacier”. [The video was posted on Africlandpost’s Facebook page @Africbook.] I found myself revisiting the piece that started as a single haiku and grew over thirty-minutes to additional haiku-stanzas.

Earlier this week, I wrote a blurb about Black womyn’s bodies & spirits being on the frong line of “movement(s) for liberation.”

I said: “All them sistas on the front line. Sistas! on. the. front. line. Sacrificing body. Rendering body. The cops punch, pull, drag Black womyn’s bodies who protest and assert mattering. Bodies. bodies. Bodies. physical bodies. spiritual bodies. flesh bodies.”

Then I saw the video of the sista dancing—making it look easy—but, I know it takes discipline, heart and passion to do this, and I’m reminded of the spirit and strength of our bodies. Not fully fleshed out thinking yet, but yeah, here’s the piece I wrote with multiple stanzas of haikus.

“interrupted discourse”

Black gyrl’s form, inks shapes
that defy margins. stretches
over edges like

handwoven blush silk
fitted to perfection on
curves that “conversate.”

moving bodice as
liberatory practice
interrupts discourse

that carefree Black
don’t exist. She exudes joy
and meditation.

#WearTheDayWell    #sheBLOOMSblack   #BlackGyrlVisible


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