Creating new wholes…

As much as this has been a summer of blogging, it has also been a summer of “arting,” art making. I realize that though I gift my art a lot, outside of intimate spaces, I don’t share it as much as I do my writing.  To this end, I’m sharing a series in progress. I’ve been working on these new collages and though they aren’t finished, I really like the direction they’re going in.

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I love collaging because I like creating new wholes. Using my hands to deconstruct, reimagine or disrupt, one thing, to then create something new. This process—this form of arting—is a part of my self-care.

“Today, fifty years after its first serious use, collage is a major art medium whose technique have expanded, range of materials immeasurably broadened, and its use become almost universal. Collage, together with its many off-shoots emerges today not only as a major medium, but as a germinative idea that, once planted, has pointed and even led to some of the most significant, as well as astonishing developments in the astonishing art of our time.” This quotation is from the book “Collage” by Janis and Blesch, published by Chilton in 1967. Actually, the first serious use of collage occurred in 1912.

Along with collaging, since July 5th, I’ve been writing haikus for the “Wear the Day Well,” 30-Day Haiku Challenge. The point of the challenge is to speak LIFE over Black girls and womyn lives through the power of words.

Nonetheless, I speak life not only through words, but through art making (whereas I can reimagine our existence, while also disrupting systems of oppression.) Last weekend I wrote this string of stanzas playing with the 5-7-5 syllabic form of the haiku. I used the syllabic form for structure and containment, not necessarily for creating juxtaposing images, as a haiku should.


My weekend report:
 Minimal electronics
 Art making, not words.

Alternate headspace, 
 where images rule, not words.
 Cutting tiny strips

requires focus, 
 not words. Materials up-
 cycled. Working small.

Nothing bigger than
 8x10. Xacto knife,
 archival conscious:

acid-free papers
 gels and mediums thin coat. 
 archetypes and sym-

bolism, reveals
 subconscious thoughts and feelings. 
 Collage art self-care!

July 25 at 11:55am


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