(Unedited) Monday, late afternoon, I hung out in the Winter Garden of Harold Washington Library. This open space has a glass roof, so I always enjoy the gift of natural light that fills this area. That morning, I’d filled my bag with goodies: very basic materials to collage with, oracle card decks: Black Angel (BAC) and Sacred Soul Journey, sandalwood prayer beads and water.

The Black Angel Cards are a deck of cards, and an accompanying book, that guide you into deep reflection.  From the deep reflection you will gain insight into your life.

About the BAC deck: I’ve waited for years for this deck. Lotsa years, to get my own, Black. Angel. deck. The deck was discontinued some time ago, and Zenju Earthlyn Manuel just re-released the cards in 2015. I just happen to be looking online for something else and found out she’d re-released the book and cards. I was soooooo excited and thankful for Amazon Prime.

The last coupla weeks, I’ve been breaking in my new deck, and I’d pulled a card the night before. I’d also worked with the Sacred Soul deck.

In my personal practice of uncovering the me of myself, and being attuned, I’ve used oracle cards for years, long before becoming an art therapist. Which, it’s interesting that the cards directly relate to archetypes that psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung, is credited for bringing to the field of psychology. But real talk, Jung did NOT invent squat.

Archetypes pre-date Jung, and are very present in 1st Nations, African and Asian religions, mythology and folklore.

Archetypes can be thought of as containers. These containers hold interconnected figures, motifs, or themes that reappear in myths, folktales, religions, literature, and the arts, spanning widely across cultures and eras.

Reflecting upon the cards I’d pulled, I started ripping pages and cutting images, and textures, from the two magazines I’d brought with me. In between flipping magazine pages, I’d stop and write thoughts and feelings that were coming up.

Usually, I’m very methodological in how I approach collaging—I plan out the details to create an optical illusion and seamlessness.

Usually, I’d cut and layer pieces before using an adhesive, but Monday, I just went with the flow and trusted that it would all come together.

I was also ushering in the energy of Tuesday’s new moon in Leo. This new moon asks us the following questions:

  • How are you amping up your creativity?
  • Are you living your heart’s desires?
  • Are you dimming your light for anyone or out of fear of moving outside of your comfort zone?

The above image is what came forth. It is called: “Expansion”

I most enjoyed the freedom of not having a set structure and getting lost in layering. The collage kept morphing from one image and concept into another.

“Expansion” Haiku:

E            x            p               a              n               d,

                               not contract.

S  t  r  e  t  c  h,

                                               stop before discomfort.

Let it come,



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