Concert Review: Eric Roberson

8.25.16 @ City Winery, Chicago

Dear Eric Roberson and ‘nem,

Often I’m that person who has plans to go out, but if it’s not on the way home or immediately after work, I um, sorta kinda don’t make it. Lol lol lol. I’m a cancer (zodiac sign) and I enjoy hanging out in my cancer shell.

Today, all I really wanted to do was go get some sweet potato tempura maki rolls and a Thai tea iced tea and watch Netflix, but I made myself come see you, Phonte, D.Mo, Corey and the rest of the band. And let me just say, thank you all for feeding my spirit by being silly, soulful, talented and Black.

Thank you for NOT treating Chicago like we’re contagious with hopelessness and staggering stats of dead Black bodies. Thanks for not cracking jokes about that. That’s not the whole of My Chicago and I appreciate that you allowed yourself to be free in my city.

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect with you and Phonte, but I was pleasantly surprised. The “Tigallerro” album translates well on stage. Minus Phonte’s disrespectful and unnecessary comment (don’t go for the funny at our expense Black man) about Lift Ev’ry Voice, the night was good.

The “classics” (of hip hop) had me over in the corna dancing, and of course “Change For Me” at the end, had the house head in me “housing it up.”

The band though, the bass playa found a sweet spot on certain songs and all I did was close my eyes, listen and feel the intent of the instrument, as did the keys and drums hav very distinct moments when I had the scrunch-face and saying “damn” (in a good way). It was like that uninhibited and vulnerable feeling that one has with a QTip, with just the right dab amount of sweet oil on the end, in the ear.

“She” and “Dealing” where vocally sound and the spaces both you and D.Mo found between beats to ad-lib, were “cherch” moments.

The playfulness of the songs with Phonte showed a different side of your voice and lyricism that was more “ratchet.” Not ratchet bad, but more “street” than what we typically hear from you. The versatility and code switching, of sorts, that at times were more sing-talklike, was refreshing.

So yeah, I’m glad I didn’t gift my ticket to someone. Thanks! I trust your next two shows in tha Chi will be just as lively and playful as tonight’s.

Traveling mercies as you make your way to the next city, MN.

P.S. Doing the song for the mom and daughter was “gentlemany,” good looking out.

P.S.S. The words you got from the audience to compose/sing that song that you’re gonna give to Uncle Charlie *wink and chuckles* were the wildest I’ve ever heard you do in a show…always fun to hear you make up those songs on the spot!
Coconut monkey love
Respect the barber
Men showing their ankles
Jollof Rice (West African dish. Varying version in different countries. Most common Nigeria, Senegal/The Gambia and Ghana.)
Pickles and panties

In progress,
nicole jhan’rea
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