Bresha Meadows…

(Unedited) This week my students and I engaged the Bresha Meadows case. Bresha Meadows is a 15-year-old girl who is charged with aggravated murder for killing her father. She and her family were subjected to domestic violence for over 20 years at the hands of her father. The context in which I work: As a therapist/counselor, I implement a school-based counseling program with high school girls. As a part of what I do with the gyrls, I include critical consciousness and popular education in psycho-education, and I welcome both of these into this therapeutic and counseling realm. Therefore, due to confidentiality […]

Harvest Days: Can We Live!

Welcome guest bloomer: veronica precious bohanan. In this post she questions and disrupts the multipronged attacks on Black gyrls’/womyn’s existence by detailing a month-long series that she’s envisioned to align with fall, the season of harvesting.  During the month of October, Black womyn will gather online and the month will culminate with a CAN WE LIVE: Chicago Harvest Day WORKSHOP, Saturday, October 29, 9a-11a @ Links Hall. This workshop is a face-to-face gathering, a guided interactive experience that uses various forms of EXPRESSION to process, heal and build resilience to disrupt the multi-prong attacks upon our Black lives. She begins […]

Ms. Lauryn Hill: Ravinia Concert Review

Last night, who knew what to expect from Lauryn Hills’s, Ravinia concert. Ms. Hill has been extremely late or a no-show for many concert dates over the last few years. Also, unbeknownst to me, until I arrived at Ravinia, the website had been updated to include a “theme,” opening acts and a start time that varied from the ticket. So, L. was not late, there were three acts (plus her DJ) before her! Possibly Ravinia should have sent out an email of the update, but really would they have done that for anyone else? I’ve been to enough concerts in […]