Black Flowers : New Moon in Scorpio

New moon 🌙 in Scorpio. (Unedited) I sat in Buckey’s (Starbucks) yesterday folding, creasing, and cutting black (cos b/Black is beautiful) sheets of acid free construction paper. As I handled the material, black construction paper, my mind wondered. My mind wondered into the evening, overnight, and on into this morning. The process of blooming. I was prepping for group counseling sessions with my students. The girls, are blooming. Hence, the metaphor for them to discuss their blooming into Black womanhood. Hence, the folding, creasing and cutting of black construction paper. Each petal of the flower is a piece, an aspect, […]

Bronzeville: King Library & Mariano’s

(Unedited) Late Monday afternoon, I made my way to a local library. A Black library. In a Black neighborhood. SN: In my previous life, I was a librarian; and, in my next life, I will be a movie-trailer editor. I friggin’ love books & reading! I heart libraries. The head librarian, Ms. Jones at Brainerd Branch Library has been my librarian my WHOLE life, my library game is serious! Lol lol lol. I wasn’t at my library, but King branch was pretty cool. I always love the intergenerational nature of libraries. I thought of Brother Mike and the work he […]

Trauma-informed approach to “Birth of a Nation”

From what I/we experienced on the field trip taking highschoolers to see Birth of a Nation, I offer the following as supporting a trauma-informed approach to this movie-going experience. Also, the movie is very gendered in the things that arise and how things are addressed, therefore, the preparation and post-discussions for girls, may be different from the prep/discussions for boys. Have a couple of designated “safe persons” seated at the back of the theater who students can go to if they need to exit the theater because it is triggering or just too much for them. This builds a level of emotional […]

#FreeBresha (domestic violence awareness month)

This week my students and I commemorated Domestic Violence Awareness Month by focusing our thoughts on Bresha Meadows. As this is also National Bullying Prevention Month, I framed DV as a form of bullying. We started these discussions three-weeks ago, when I invited them to participate in the National Bresha Meadows, Days of Action (Oct 5 & 6) effort, by writing letters of encouragement to her—since we meet on Mon/Tues, we wrote our letters a little before the official Days of Action. The girls were just as drawn to the stories of Marissa Alexander, Joyce Quaweay, Naomi Freeman and Jessica […]

Birth of a Nation: Images & Symbols

(Unedited) Images. Symbols. Birth of a Nation is sooooo full of images and symbols. Images and symbols that I continue to process. There is no linear way of writing this and if I wait for that to come, this will never get written. So what is this? This is me dumping my thoughts and reactions on a page. Making connections. Questioning intent. Recounting and reacting. I was torn. I hadn’t planned on seeing the movie. Well, put it this way, I was NOT going to pay for it. I figured I would see it at some point when someone gave […]

Solange: A Seat at the Table

(Unedited) Solange: A Seat at the Table. The kitchen table. Thinking of my grand-mama’s table where we sit and be family. My great aunt’s table in Milwaukee where I visited since forever—I miss her. My childhood kitchen table where I’d do homework while my mama cooked dinner. The same kitchen table where I got my hair pressed and bumper curled for Easter. My own high-top kitchen table where my friends gather and talk love, revolution and shoot the shit. The “Red Table Talk Series” by Jada, Willow and their matriarch, Adrienne. Three generations of Black gyrl magic having a heart-to-heart, […]

Nothing specific, but everything particular…

Expand . Take Up Space ! Permission granted ! Everyone won’t understand how my mind works. Won’t understand the Universe’s instructions for me. They won’t understand my obedience or why/how I do what I do. Won’t understand my corrective measures or my shifting perspectives. Their judgment can be loud, even deafening. Not always verbally, but I can feel it. They won’t understand why I haven’t stepped out further, not understanding that Time told me to wait. I was listening to Brene Brown talmbout regret. I have regret, but not in an “I need to turn back the hands of time […]