Nothing specific, but everything particular…

img_3999Expand . Take Up Space ! Permission granted ! Everyone won’t understand how my mind works. Won’t understand the Universe’s instructions for me. They won’t understand my obedience or why/how I do what I do. Won’t understand my corrective measures or my shifting perspectives.

Their judgment can be loud, even deafening. Not always verbally, but I can feel it. They won’t understand why I haven’t stepped out further, not understanding that Time told me to wait.img_4031

I was listening to Brene Brown talmbout regret. I have regret, but not in an “I need to turn back the hands of time way.” But I consider it, reflective regret, which runs parallel to reflective silence. I reflect upon how and what I could have done differently, especially as it relates to empathy and the Four Agreements. Don’t take ish personally.

One of the most important things for me is : not comparing myself to others. I am humon, so there are moments when I look around at those in my life or in my circle and I say, damn if I had abc then I may be xyz . But I’m never comfortable in that space. Never comfortable with the comparison cos I have always done me. Favor doesn’t always look how I imagined it, but I can always acknowledge it as favor.

As it further relates to comparisons, at some point I crack myself up, knowing that my journey is my own. And truly, we doimg_4907 not know what folks process has been. Often all we see is the outcome. Moreover, Butterfly’s grace looks different on each of us.

Funny thing is, my Heart told me clear as day, “It’s me, I’m using you. You’re doing my will.” I need to get this tattoo’d on my forearm cos, I be fighting myself sometimes, cos I ain’t no punk. But the most “no punk” thing I’ve done is, surrender.

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