Black Flowers : New Moon in Scorpio

New moon 🌙 in Scorpio.

(Unedited) I sat in Buckey’s (Starbucks) yesterday folding, creasing, and cutting black (cos b/Black is beautiful) sheets of acid free construction paper.

As I handled the material, black construction paper, my mind wondered. My mind wondered into the evening, overnight, and on into this morning. The process of blooming.

I was prepping for group counseling sessions with my students. The girls, are blooming. Hence, the metaphor for them to discuss their blooming into Black womanhood. Hence, the folding, creasing and cutting of black construction paper. Each petal of the flower is a piece, an aspect, of them. From B/black, all creation comes. They are Black.

These Black girls are blossoming, but so I am, even though it’s fall, I too am BEcoming a Womon/Black, Black/Womon. With all my intersecting parts, all my intersections of being.

SN: I need watch Kimberle Crenshaw’s TED Talk where she’s talmbout intersectionality.

Like I said, my mind wondered into this morning. Thoughts of it being a new moon. The dark phase of the moon. The b/Black phase. Incubation. 0% full. From b/Black all light comes.

*New moon in Scorpio.*

Reflections: BEing as a transformative act…

Understand your humon connections may not be your soul ties.

The soul transcends the muck of being humon. The soul transcends humon pain bodies colliding.

The soul of this new moon in Scorpio is about 💀 death, dying 😆 and beyond. BE transformed, not through manipulation or mind fucking yourself into thinking things are, or are not, what they are.

Clean out the gook at the third eye level and allow yo’self to just BE!

If you are a person who is always doing, this new moon, let yourself just BE! Trust you’ll have time “to do,” but for now, the next 21 days, JUST BE.

In BEing, you showup for yourself, not doing the most, but BEing who you need to be!

Once again, DOers for the next 21 days, Just BE it! BE you, not do you! And always remember, your gifts 🎁 will make room for you, so not doing, is about BEING “in trust.” Trusting that you are exactly where you need “to be” in this moment, albeit in the valley or on the mountaintop.

Oh and, don’t crap on the valley aspects of life, cos that’s the foundation, the rooted and grounded parts that make enjoying the temporariness of the mountaintop enjoyable.

It’s like “joy “and “happiness.” Joy comes from within, whereas happiness is external, and when they meet, that’s magic; but, I’d much rather have the permanence of joy vs the transience of happiness.


Selah! Ase. Ameen. Amen. Namaste 🙏🏾

#SheBLOOMSBlack #TheProcessOfBecoming

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