Beyoncé on CMAs

This, Beyoncé singing “Daddy Lessons” at the 50th Anniversary of the Country Music Awards is disrupting oppressive spaces.

This, is taking up and claiming space.

This, is resistance.

This, is making space for our Black lives, and doing so with excellence in our craft.

Her fearlessness and performance quality in her Black womon body, in her Womon/Black southern presence, made me proud, because “they” keep tryna kill us and harm us and assault our bodies and personhood.

There were death threats and racist comments hurled everywhere some saying they would boycott the awards.

This ain’t bout Beyoncé, though I can give her props for putting her toe-jam in this performance, and with the Dixie Chicks, at that. (I was listening to “I’m not ready to make right” the other day. I still love that song).

This, is about a collective #BlackGirlMagic .

This, is about, “we weren’t meant to survive, but we did.”

This, is about you cannot control us or the way in which we express ourselves and move through this world.


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