Kanye and Ep 7, Insecure

This ain’t even a real post, but it is. Random, but not so much. Ish on my bird, sorta like on my spirit. Kanye and Insecure, Ep. 7. General statements that maybe one day I’ll make clearer. Anyhoo…

  1. Money doesn’t buy mental stability. Rich people can have mental health challenges…can have meltdowns…can have mental breaks….as well. (Fall back on that dumbness folk sayin’ bout Kanye. And for those who are empathetic and advocate for mental health and wellness, yaaaaaasssss!)
  2. Black folk can have mental health challenges as well, and prayer and a therapist and for some, meds, are needed. (Stop joking ‘bout folks mental stability, or not, ie. Kanye.)
  3. Grief is a process. Death of a parent. He was an only child and a mama’s boy. Kayne lost his world when his mother died, and he blames himself. Rich don’t take that feelings or the loss or the grief, away. (Once again, fall back.)
  4. I digress, Che Smith, you are still real wrong for publicly saying the things you did about Ye’s mental health. You seem to have a habit of speakin’ bout folk mental health, I was at U of C when you spoke about Chief Keef’s mental health, not cool. As for Ye, that was not brotherly or friend-like. I understand close friends getting into it and the friendship ending, been there done that and got tshirt and some hurt feelings from it, but you do NOT disclose folks business like that. Foul!
  5. Insecure, Ep 7, wow! Real A*F. Words and actions have power, and it’s those closest to us that use both, intentionally or unintentionally, to get at us. Truth is based upon one’s interpretation of truth. Truth is often in between right and wrong, often gray.
  6. Treating someone you love like they’re “random,” is likely a defense mechanism.
  7. I’m putting it in the Universe that when I open my private practice in Baldwin Hills, I will focus on Black artists. Creatives mental health and wellness cannot be reduced to creative genius. #BlackArtTherapy

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