Ask Yo’self…Questions for Black Gyrls to Expand and Manifest

December: not only are we in the last month of the calendar year, we are also in the last leg of a nine-year cycle. The vibrational energy of 2016 was a “9.” Nine, represents completion, a cycle coming to an end.

2016, “did the most.” For many, we gained some new cultural and personal ancestors—angels who we know by name. For many, grief, loss and transition were the themes of 2016.

Now, 2017 awaits us.

2017 is a year of the Universal 1, it’s the beginning of a new cycle. 2017 sets the tone for the next 9 years.

QUEENBlack womyn, sista-soul-friends, queens, multi-layered existents, multi-dimensional creatures, divine feminine melinated beings…where ya at?WHERE YA AT

I invite you to introduce yourself to 2017, & reintroduce yourself to yo’self!

I invite you to dust off, and straighten yo’ crown.

I invite you to go on a journey this last month of 2016, by having a real conversation with yo’self.

Here’s a “tool” to support you in having an authentic, intimate, loving and FRANK conversation with yo’self. “Ask Yo’self…Questions for Black Gyrls to Expand and Manifest in 2017,” is a practical eworkbook, a digital text that comes to your email for you to download. While preparing for 2017, you will automatically reflect upon 2016.

The questions in “Ask Yo’self,” enable you to reflect upon 2016, while progressing into 2017—your year of expanding and further manifesting your dreams, desires and goals. “Ask Yo’self” questions support you being the expert of your own life, and reminds you to give yo’self permission to love on yo’self, which includes, being clear on the areas of your life that are not working.

questionsThe questions are crafted to center your mattering, and to support you in embracing your complexities. The questions, and suggested follow-up actions, were designed to activate your imagination, and to transcend boundaries and limitations. “Ask Yo’Self” supports your wholeness and promotes innovation for you to be the “bawse” of your own life.

How does this work: Click here, pay $2.99 and provide an email address. A PDF will be sent to your inbox for you to download. I strongly encourage you to print the eworkbook, but if you prefer, you can answer the questions in a journal or notebook, that you’ll specifically use for your “Ask Yo’Self” journey.

Once again, while preparing for 2017, you will automatically reflect upon 2016. So, during the month of December, and early January, navigate the eworkbook. There are 31 core questions and supplemental, clarifying questions. You can complete a page a day, or you can establish your own rhythm on how you engage the text.  Trust your intuition…follow your gut, do what’s best for you. Whichever process you commit to, the goal is to have all pages completed and in a binder/folder by January 15, MLK’s birthday (an easily identifiable date was chosen.)

Overall, “Ask Yo’self…Questions for Black Gyrls to Expand and Manifest in 2017,” is here to support you in getting yo’ mind, spirit and intentions aligned for 2017.




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