Protected Magic: Dr. Tiffany A. Flowers

Guest bloomer: My soror Dr. Tiffany. She responds to the 2017 question at hand, “How do you protect your Black Girl Magic?” Each year I reflect on this question, it is not an easy one to answer. I find that many Black women I encounter who are business owners and artists, often ponder this same thought. It is often difficult to navigate being unique when there is so much pressure to fit into a prescribed notion of what society believes we should be as Black women. Our presence is often taken as being boisterous, overpowering, arrogant, and angry. We must […]

Guest Bloomer: Ashley Y. Stone

Having known this sistah for awhile, I can confidently say that the same way guest bloomer, Ashley Stone makes herself visible, as a Womon/Black, is the same way she protects her Black girl magic – she shows up for herself, at ALL times! Come thru sistah Ashley. Keep reading to get you some of this good-good on this full moon Thursday, the first one of 2017! ____________ It was evident from childhood – the way I should navigate the world as both Woman and Black. I am not quite sure where or how it began, but my environment informed me […]