Protected Magic: Dr. Tiffany A. Flowers

Guest bloomer: My soror, sorority sister, Dr. Tiffany A. Flowers.  She responds to the 2017 question at hand, “How do you protect your Black Girl Magic?

Bloomfully yours,

nicole jhan’rea


Each year I reflect on this question, it is not an easy one to answer. I find that many Black women I encounter who are business owners and artists, often ponder this same thought. It is often difficult to navigate being unique when there is so much pressure to fit into a prescribed notion of what society believes we should be as Black women. Our presence is often taken as being boisterous, overpowering, arrogant, and angry. We must remember that these are stereotypes, which overshadow our true selves as passionate, empowered, self-confident, intelligent, and masterful. That is our true magic. I find the best way to protect my gifts or magic is to spend time working on my craft in solitude. Also, I found that in order for me to express who I am, I must spend time with other women who see the beauty in freedom of expression, intelligence, art, culture, and being our authentic selves. I also spend time traveling and reinventing my imagination in order to take my art and teaching to the next level. Finally, I spend time mentoring a few Black women each year. My hope is that other Black women learn from my journey to have courage, love yourself, and be the best you that you possible can in this life.


Dr. Tiffany A. Flowers is an author, literacy advocate, blogger, and academic. She has published over sixteen books for children in grades 1-8. Currently, she is working on her next writing project for teen girls. You can find out more about her work by logging on to her website or blog.

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