Protected Magic: Nina Rae

B L A C K   G I R L   M A G I C, never gets old. Protecting our Black Girl Magic, never gets old. To this end, I’m committed to featuring guest bloomers’ Black Girl Magic responses. Today’s guest bloomer, Nina Rae, is a songbird…a powerhouse vocalist; and, a coupla years ago, I had the pleasure of working with her  in the stage production, Standin’n tha Gap.

Bloomfully yours,

nicole jhan’rea


Nina Rae said…

“My black girl magic is tangible.

This feeling and movement has always been there…even if I didn’t notice her.

At a turning point it became my mission to love her and to secure her… allowing in what will grow my mysticism and enhance her power.

What will I watch? What will I listen to? What will I read? How will I present myself to the world? The answers to these questions remind me to take care of me so I can offer the very best parts of my being.

When I stand in front of the mirror and notice my eyes, my hips, my waist, my feet…my hair.…I am careful to remind myself of my beauty. (black girl magic)

I’ve developed rituals that enhance me. Whether it’s bathing with lavender for calm or writing while sipping peppermint tea and burning sage to make sure I am clear and precise about what I want to say.

Remembering to cater to my spirit…whether it’s to lay down and breathe and watch or hear something funny…or remember to do something nice for me daily…yeah

That’s how I protect my black girl magic.”

#protectYOmagic #sheBLOOMSblack



Nina Rae is a songwriter, writer, and singer from Chicago, Illinois. She is currently married with five children and exploring the best the world has to offer. Her black girl magic is expression and you can find her works as ½ of duo. Innosphere with their album release entitled “Shine” and her debut solo album “Born To Love” on any musical outlet.


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