Protected Magic: Liz S. Alexander

We Live: 
The power of Black Girl truth. 
The courage of Black Girl self-care. 
The legacy of Black Girl survival.

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How do you protect your Black Girl Magic?

Guest bloomer Liz S. Alexander said…

Firstly, i protect my Black Girl Magic by standing firm in the belief that i am unequivocally, without a doubt and unapologetically, the embodiment of Black Girl Magic. i have found that when I fully embrace my Black Girl Magic, I am able to access the fullness of my power. In this space, i am at my highest vibration and i attract all that is good, all that is true, and all that is whole.

Secondly, i protect my Black Girl Magic by prioritizing my self-care. As a survivor, i am committed to becoming whole. In order to become whole, i have found that it is imperative that i intentionally invest in my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. This means that i see a clinical psychologist for mental health counseling. This means that i have wholistic practitioners as my primary health care providers. This means i have a membership at my local YMCA in order to exercise. This means that i am extremely selective about my personal relationships and only allow space for positive, affirming and loving relationships.

Lastly, i protect my Black Girl Magic by being in intentional community with women who are also the embodiment of Black Girl Magic. Sisterhood is a sacred gift. In the company of my sisters, i learn, grow and heal. And all of these things are necessary to preserve, advance and share my Black Girl Magic.


Liz S. Alexander MA, MSW is a thought leader, public servant and advocate for youth in the criminal and juvenile justice system.  Liz is the founder of She Dreams of Freedom,  a national consulting firm that provides services to the private, public and government sector serving girls in the criminal and juvenile justice system between the ages of 13-24. For more information about SDF, check out

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