You know where Africa is?

He asked if I knew where Africa was. I paused and asked him to repeat. He did. I asked if he was shitting me. He laughed and shared that he is from Togo. I spoke broken French, and he was smitten with my attempt. He’s a biomedical engineer wanting to earn a PhD, but not wanting the receipts, just the degree. He wants babies, the old-fashioned way. I wish him well on that journey. He is surprised I’ve chosen not to have children. He doesn’t think I have a right to make such a choice. He’s not able to wrap his brain around it, but intrigued by how my brain works. He fears 45. Scared of what he’ll do even for those who are documented. I intercede with a prayer of fearlessness. Suddenly. I’m over the exchange. I suck at small talk…and I was busy enjoying my own company.

Bloomfully yours,

nicole jhan’rea


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