Protected Magic: Toneal Jackson

I've known this guest bloomer/blogger since 
she was little. Her big sister is my bestest 
friend from high-school, therefore, it is so
dope to see the amazing womon Toneal has become. 
How does she protect her Black girl magic? 
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Toneal shared:

Anyone who knows me, knows that I wear a LOT of hats – personally, professionally and spiritually. I am a mother to many. I gave birth to four girls (who are now 8, 10, 12 and 14); raised my stepdaughter since the age of 7 (she is now 25); a goddaughter and two nephews. So needless to say, my house was always full!

Professionally, I have just as many responsibilities. I am a national and international award-winning author who has written over 10 titles (more to be published in 2017). I am also a publisher, literary coach, bookstore owner, and founder of Authors Promoting Success, an organization designed to help independent authors succeed in the book business.

Spiritually, I am a First Lady; Licensed Evangelist; Youth Leader; and President of the Women’s Department.

So although this may appear to be overwhelming, the thread that keeps it all together is synonymous with the answer to the question, “How Do I Protect My Black Girl Magic?” – integrity.

In raising my children, maintaining my businesses, and leading God’s people, being a woman of integrity plays a vital role. In all that I do, my aim is to lead by example. I don’t mind if that means not being like everyone else because my life is not like everyone else’s. I am a trendsetter – and I embrace that fact.

I realize there are not many people who freely (in every sense of the word) agree to raise someone else’s children. But I didn’t mind because I understood the impact of a positive environment for children. For me, having a hand in helping them was always a more important factor than biology.

Not many would run a business where they reject certain funds. With Authors Promoting Success (whether the organization, publishing company or bookstore), anything erotic or excessively vulgar or profane is strictly prohibited. I fully understand the dollars that I am turning away, but my preference of not compromising my integrity means more than anything amount of money.

Spiritually, it would be very difficult for me to lead if my life was not consistent. Others respect and listen to me BECAUSE they see that I live as I instruct them to live.

So you see, if not for integrity holding me steady, I’d be all over the place. My children could have been rejected; my personal brand destroyed; and my spiritual life ruined. My mom would always say, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. So I choose to stand for integrity.


Toneal M. Jackson is a national and international award-winning author. She has been married for 15 years and is a mother to many. She is the founder of Authors Promoting Success, owner of APS Publishing and APS Books & More, an independent bookstore.

She was recognized by CBS Chicago as being one of “5 Indie Chicago Authors and Publishers to Watch Out For” in 2012. In 2015, she was named one of “18 Most Powerful Women on the South Side” [of Chicago]. In 2016, she was inducted into the 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League.

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