Pisces season…

It's Pisces season.  Though a cancer, I know Pisces energy oh so well. 
This prose (and collages) were created in the spirit of fluidity 
and dedicated to the (Pisces) homie @sandriawrites.

Bloomfully yours, 
nicole jhan'rea

When you go to bed too early and wake up too early

and wanna drink tea and then wanna go back to sleep,

but you ain’t retired or purely doing consulting gigs

that don’t require a set schedule.

When how you made up

is all about innovation and co-creating healing

and transformative spaces for sistas to be in connection

to tend to our mental and emotional health.

When you bask in all tha colors

and sprinkle inherent dopeness and flyyyness

while transcending mofos thinking dey got power

over yo mind, body, spirit and pocketbook(s).

When you inform

empty-vessels to fall back and fall off

to let you be great!

When time is a soul-mate

and it’s 4 o’clock in the mawnin’

and you on one!










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