Protected Magic: Aisha Josina Jean-Baptiste


2017 waits for no moves right along. 
Four months in and it feels 
more like a new beginning, than January. 
April, push the reset button.
Cleansing rains. Blooming beauty. Nature waking. 
The birds, I friggin' love the birds chirping. 
I listen with a soft gaze. 
April, a month of writing...
commemorating National Poetry Month.
 To kick this month off, I'm sharing another sista's 
response to how she protects her Black girl magic. 

Continue reading for Aisha's protection poem, "Glow."

Bloomfully yours, 
nicole jhan'rea


by Aisha Josina Jean-Baptiste

At one time I was dying

I had managed to store each shard of hurt

They were folded into my spirit

They pricked me on the inside

Vicious little relics

Threatening my existence

Countermanding my magic

Dimming my glow

And I became a dewy cold

I could smell the indigo spreading underneath my fingernails

I learned that my warmth is noisy when it slips from my skin

It made dry sounds as it slid off

I was dying

Don’t ask me why I decided to live

But dammit I did

And it felt like a genesis

When I remembered that I am

A body of waters

Mother of black armies

Fanm Dawomen

Breeze balmy across Trinbago salt-water

Flames of revolution

Blood of ancestors nan tè a an Ayiti

Voice of millions

Tassa thunderous melody of Calcutta

Blade of machete

Pride of my ancestors

Oya’s witness


of the people

of the Afrikan sun

I remembered

And I glowed

I conjured

And I glowed

And I dulled them shards

‘Til they were like sea glass ‘round the edges

Vicious little relics

They don’t hurt me like they once did

And the warmth returned

And my black-girl magic became a macro burst

As my wind shot out

then curled back to me

It gathered joy

And comfort

And hope

And affirmation

And renewal

And validation

And certitude

And knowing





I’m precious with it now

My magic

I greedily give to it

It incessantly gives to me

We are near-perfect concentric circles

I am inside of it

It is inside of me

inside of it

inside of me

And it saves me every time

Every time I choose to remember


Aisha Josina Jean-Baptiste is a healer, who hails from an ancestral line of healers. She is a founding member of Honey Pot Performance, and a trauma-informed Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Aisha’s extensive background in organizing, performance poetry, reproductive health education, and trauma-focused mental health services, has served as rich context for her offerings as a co-collaborator of Honey Pot Performance. Aisha is currently serving the Baltimore area under her newly established practice, Life Therapeutic Services, LLC. Her greatest accomplishment is her daughter Ajile “a gift to her community.”

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