Protected Magic: Michelle D. Morrow

The sun coming through my home this morning reminded me of our magic, our Black Girl Magic. Going through this day conversing with creatives reminded me of our magic, our Black Girl Magic.

For this installment of protected Black Girl Magic, Dr. Michelle Morrow gives us her particulars on protecting her magic. My favorite line is, “I sing, even if a bit off-key.”


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“On the Protection of My Black Girl Magic”

Michelle D. Morrow

When you try to place me in a box because you doubt my intellect,

I protect my Black Girl Magic by breaking through the obstacles that you place

before me to limit my greatness.


When you mistake my silence for compliance,

I protect my Black Girl Magic by raising my voice and sometimes

I sing, even if a bit off-key.


When you treat me as if I am invisible,

I protect my Black Girl Magic so that you cannot help but see that

I am all feisty and glorious shades of purple, green, yellow, and orange.


When you minimize my beauty and strength,

I protect my Black Girl Magic and delight in the fact that

I am the butterfly and the queen bee all rolled into one.


When you attempt to draw me into your chaos,

I protect my Black Girl Magic and

I soar above your noise and find my peace.


When I am weary and afraid,

I protect my Black Girl Magic by remembering that

I am a miracle and that I matter.


Michelle D. Morrow, Ed.D. is a higher education professional. She finds great satisfaction in mentoring colleagues and students. Michelle has held leadership roles both in the Chicago Chapter and the national board for the Association of Black Women in Higher Education, Incorporated. ABWHE has a long history of providing support to sisters in the academy. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, she enjoys participating in community service initiatives. Michelle is a contributor to Advancing Equity and Diversity in Student Affairs: A Festschrift in Honor of Melvin C. Terrell, which will be published this year. Additionally, Michelle is excited about rediscovering her inner creative writer, which includes soon starting her own blog.



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