July 1: Bearth (birth) month = written reflections and acknowledgments…

(loosely edited) as i welcome July, my bearth (birth) month into my psyche/soul, written reflections are always in order. in this spirit, i wanna give a shout-out to Nezabelle for starting the group, “Boss Chicks Blog.” Nez was also featured here as a guest bloomer, back in january, on how she protects her Black girl magic. check out her response if you missed it, or if you want to revisit it.

from questions she’s posted in the Boss Chicks Blog group, to the challenges/activities she presented to us, i’ve tweaked a few things on this blog. moreover, i’ve become more intentional with something i’m already very intentional about, arting, writing, and this blog. these things also reflect the work i do as a mental health counselor:art therapist with a focus on Black girls and womyn’s mental health. blogging for me is about creating space and unapologetically filling space with Womonness/Blackness.

from one of her group challenges, a very simple, but huge thing i revisited: What kind of blog is She Blooms Black?

the “i don’t fit in boxes” part of me, was adamant when i started this blog not to limit what it is. also, i had the luxury of doing what i wanted and not following “the rules,” b/c my point of entry into blogging, was not to monetize it. it’s always been about me writing and sharing, first and foremost. look, i’m so not into being put into “boxes” that i even went to an arts school & counseling psychology program that prides itself on being interdisciplinary, no boxes.

so yeah, i don’t do boxes, at all…lol lol lol. anyhoo, one of Nez’s challenges/prompts made me revisit this notion of being specific with what kinda blog She Blooms Black is. no worries, no boxes, but i still needed to pen the ambiguity of what my blog is.

it pushed me to be even more creative with how i describe the blog to others and i came up with: “She Blooms Black: A blog for Black womyn & our mattering! Part personal blog, part lifestyle—fully sistagirl.” i have a longer description, but this is what i added to the top of this blog.

i trust, this description will evolve as i evolve, b/c more and more, this blog has become a place where i weave my personal narratives of she’ness & black’ness into my love of movies, music, concerts etc. through reviews, which, are really reflection pieces. i believe in mastering my craft and i believe in critical analysis and context and i’m a sucka for a good background story, while also being innovative and creative, and that’s what i aim for with this blog, with such intentionality. which, is really me spilling my very broad and massive and complex and messy thoughts on the page and then on the computer screen for you all to read.

anyhoo…my long-winded point is. lol lol lol lol. brava ms. inez for your vision and creating the container, “boss chicks blog.”

nicole jhan’rea

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