WTTW/Channel 11 Tour…(yes, Black people watch PBS)

just like the local library and books,
channel 11 was definitely a 
window to the world for me...

(Unedited) We arrived at WTTW/Channel 11 with our Black selves all soulful and colorful. Me a headwrap – of course, my mom with her natural picked all the out and a printed shirt, and my grams in her wheelchair with a bright orange shirt on. lol lol lol lol. You could not miss us! Even in our silence we were loud. lol lol lol.

We didn’t know how much walking we’d be doing so we took my grams wheelchair just in case. I hadn’t even thought about who’d be there, but when we entered the building, it was a sea of white folks waiting for the WTTW/PBS Tour to begin. All I really wanted to say was, “Yes, Black people watch PBS, too…”

As a child my grams and I bonded over many things, some of which were Diet Rite and smothered potatoes and onions while watching a lot of WTTW/PBS.

On my own, I also watched WTTW/Channel 11, “Signing With Cindy,” “Anne of Green Gables,” “Body Electric,” and a plethora other shows. “Signing With Cindy” helped to solidify my desire to be a Speech Pathologist/Audiologist (my undergrad major.)

This evening Mama, Grams and I went to tour WTTW. I’m blessed to have done this with them, especially my Grams cos WTTW is sorta our thing that we let my mom’s in on. We saw where they tape “Chicago Tonight,” “Check Please,” “Soundstage” and where they do their pledge/membership campaigns. Both my mom’s and grams were amazed at how compact “Check Please” was and how spacious the “SoundStage” space was.

Shout out to Dedry Jones of the “Music Experience” for his “The Experience” series. During the Q & A I asked if there would be another season and asked how the partnership came to be. Word is, a sista (okay I assumed it was a sista) who works in Finance frequents “The Experience” and told a producer about the shows and viola. By the way, you could hear a mouse piss on cotton when I opened my mouf to speak. lol lol lol.

The lady talked about how they partner with other cultural institutions in Chicago and I asked if they’ve partnered with the Gene Siskel Theater and the Black Harvest Film Festival. She said, “No…but, they’d be open to it.” Now you know I’m gon email her, right? lol lol lol

Anyhoo, we enjoyed the experience!

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  1. Juliette Buford, a bee-yoo-ti-full sister indeed! Director of Finance, Licensing, and Business Development. I’m so grateful to her for helping one of Dedry’s dreams come true. He’s a community hero.

    I truly enjoy your blog.

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