Concert Review: AverySunshine

September 20, 2017

AverySunshine at the City Wintery.

I wrote this on FB right after the concert…


“We all got a story and you can’t sing yo face off like she did and not have a personal relationship with Source. She be stretched out on God. Last time I was at the City Winery, Rachel Farrell took us to cherch and once again it happened. Avery Sunshine is the truth. Chicago, I love you, my city. And if we don’t kno ish else we know Soul music, House music and Gospel. Iont know if I’m writing a full concert review for this one, cos she got me all open and gooey. All the feels. The anointing that’s on her life and her instrument, my Gawd! 2 sold out nights at the City Winery. A 90 min set turned into a 120 min set. Safe in His Arms…The Lord is Blessing Me…and her cover of the Clark Sister’s, You Are My Sunshine. I only took one pic and it’s blurry, I was too much into the music. #averysunshine #citywinery #chicago #blessed


Actually, on my commute home that night, I did write a full review in my phone, but I accidently deleted the note. As I’ve been capturing every concert I’ve been to this summer I wanted to put something on here to document that moment.


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