for you (yes, you!)

she: girls/womyn*     blooms: uncovering who we are     black: unapologetically

Dear Black girls and womyn,

“She Blooms Black” (S.B.B.) is a blog, and so much more.  This blog is an intentionally craved out space on the internets that centers our existence. It’s intended for us and our mattering, though all are welcome to experience this blooming. As a space maker, it is my goal to fill this space with our She’ness, Black’ness, and Blooming.

My ongoing becoming reflects you.

To bloom: to uncover who we are! To be humonly fed and watered with care. To be loved enough to be challenged and to push past our comfort zones for growth. To be seen…heard…and know we matter! To be visible.

Black girls and womyn, we are already on this life journey together, we are connected. Now, I invite you to participate in this part of our journey of blooming and evolving.

Our girl/womon/black selves have dared to live! Yaaaaas! We are here! So come be a co-bloomer by experiencing the blog with your senses.

I invite you to be all up in yo fe-fe’s (feelings).

I invite you to comment on posts that creatively uncover and center girlness/womonness/blackness.

Welcome to the blooming of “She Blooms Black.” Check back often as we’ve only just begun.


nicole jhan’rea

Black girl/womon visibility

*womyn is used as a less patriarchal and prejudicial spelling of women.

#SheBloomsBlack #nicolejhanrea