Guest Bloomer: Ashley Y. Stone

Having known this sistah for awhile, I can confidently say that the same way guest bloomer, Ashley Stone makes herself visible, as a Womon/Black, is the same way she protects her Black girl magic – she shows up for herself, at ALL times! Come thru sistah Ashley. Keep reading to get you some of this good-good on this full moon Thursday, the first one of 2017! ____________ It was evident from childhood – the way I should navigate the world as both Woman and Black. I am not quite sure where or how it began, but my environment informed me […]

Protect Yo’ Black Gyrl Magic.

Back in October, I saw an image on Instagram that said, “protect your Black girl magic.” This image got me to thinking about how I protect my own Black gyrl* magic. I didn’t want to explore this by myself so I posed the question in a Facebook group that I created as a space for sistas to “just be.” The sistahs’ responses prompted me to make this question the 2017 she BLOOMS black, guest bloomer (blogger) question of the year. Below are the original responses from the Facebook group and stay tuned to read guest bloomers’ responses throughout the year. […]

Movie Review: Hidden Figures…

Like with most movies, the hope is that the best parts aren’t included in the trailer. Also, damn you Queen of Katwe, you ruined Hidden Figures for me. I expected Queen of Katwe to be a surface, feel good, Disney movie, but it wasn’t, it had substance, it had some grit. It gave me hope for Hidden Figures. (Unedited) Mama said: “We have to see this one, FIRST—it’s our history. They kept it away from us long enough, so we cannot wait any longer.” Christmas Eve, my family and I agreed with my mother to see Hidden Figures, though I […]

2017 Expand & Manifest Wall Calendars

I’m creating customized “2017 Expand & Manifest” Wall Calendars. The images (photographs.collages.installations) are all by yours truly. If you’re interested in one, email me at Calendars are $19.95. Since they’re specialized, I’ll have a few questions to ask ya, hence you emailing me. “Ask Yo’self… Questions for Black Gyrls to Expand and Manifest in 2017” eworkbook is still available as a supplement to the calendar.

Ask Yo’self…Questions for Black Gyrls to Expand and Manifest

December: not only are we in the last month of the calendar year, we are also in the last leg of a nine-year cycle. The vibrational energy of 2016 was a “9.” Nine, represents completion, a cycle coming to an end. 2016, “did the most.” For many, we gained some new cultural and personal ancestors—angels who we know by name. For many, grief, loss and transition were the themes of 2016. Now, 2017 awaits us. 2017 is a year of the Universal 1, it’s the beginning of a new cycle. 2017 sets the tone for the next 9 years. Black […]

Black on white : Black students at a PWI : U of Iowa

“Coming to Iowa felt like culture shock.” Dr. K. Pittman, psychologist Member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. (Unedited) Over the last few days I’ve been posting pics from my college years at the University of Iowa, (’92-’99). It wasn’t just about memory lane, there was intentionality in disrupting the heaviness of the times that we are in. It was cathartic and therapeutic filling my social media, Facebook page, with Black joy and gratitude. In the wake of Trump’s pending presidency, I’ve thought a lot about Black students on white campuses. I thought about how I/we would navigate these trying […]

Kanye and Ep 7, Insecure

This ain’t even a real post, but it is. Random, but not so much. Ish on my bird, sorta like on my spirit. Kanye and Insecure, Ep. 7. General statements that maybe one day I’ll make clearer. Anyhoo… Money doesn’t buy mental stability. Rich people can have mental health challenges…can have meltdowns…can have mental breaks….as well. (Fall back on that dumbness folk sayin’ bout Kanye. And for those who are empathetic and advocate for mental health and wellness, yaaaaaasssss!) Black folk can have mental health challenges as well, and prayer and a therapist and for some, meds, are needed. (Stop […]