be keen:::20seventeen

she: girls/womyn*     blooms: uncovering who we are     black: unapologetically

keenly aware of our magic & our mattering.

keen—to be excited, all in…attuned.

i live my life in details. mama taught me that love, is always in the details. twenty17 is about better beginnings and a betta we. radically and unapologetically let’s love ourselves and one another mo’betta in twenty17. know you! delve into your contradictions and humonness. know your courage & what it is to be bravely and fully humon. we are who we’ve been waiting for. sistahs, we are an important piece of the puzzle for the wellness and alrightness of the world. you, you, and you, yes, you too. let’s have a keen eye for details and not be reckless with one another or ourselves. keen in twenty17. honor ourselves. honor our herstories. honor our further becoming. let’s be keenly aware of our magic & our mattering. happy twenty17!!!!

What about “she BLOOMS black” in 2017?

3 new “she BLOOMS black” series:

  1. Sistahs sharing how we protect our Black girl magic.
  2. Brothahs weighing in on how they support Black girls/womyn making ourselves visible.
  3. Lunch Money Series: I will release digital downloads equivalent to the price of lunch, $5.99.

*womyn is used as a less patriarchal and prejudicial spelling of women.

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