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she: girls/womyn*     blooms: uncovering who we are     black: unapologetically

I’ve invited my sista-friends to answer the following question: How do you make yourself visible as a Womon/Black?

Guest bloomers:

  • Felicia Williams has taught various English-related subjects for middle school through college. You can find some of her education-based blogs on  (3.10.16)
  • Kia-Rai M. Prewitt, Ph.D. is a Christian married mother of two. She is currently a clinical psychology postdoctoral resident at the 3rd largest V.A. medical center in the country. She loves God, life, her family, friends, and her Sigma Gamma Rho Sorors. (3.8.16)
  • Peace, I’m Milcah (Mel) Ferguson. A Native of Chicago, currently residing in England, UK. I am a Creative, Advocate, Educator and Social Worker who utilizes the full range of my skills to empower individuals and communities who are marginalized, at a disadvantage and disenfranchised. I am passionate about empowerment, and believe this can be achieved through expression. Contact E: (3.1.16)
  • Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Martina E. Martin wholeheartedly believes, as did Pablo Picasso, that “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”  As a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor working with marginalized populations in Washington, DC, she helps individuals tap into their inner strengths and sense of resiliency in an effort to loosen the grip negative self-talk, trauma and shame has had on their lives.Martina believes her artwork can be just as raw, messy, chaotic, prayerful, exuberant and hopeful as she can be on any given day of the week and most of her recent work consists of paintings, mixed media pieces and re-envisioned found objects.  She has found that the eclectic nature of her material selection has allowed for a more authentic expression of her felt emotions and she often selects materials based on intuition and feeling-states, placing a higher premium on the process over the product.  Martina believes that when you start with the process of art-making, the product will always come; her work seeks to embody the phrase, “Beauty from Ashes.” (2.21.16)
  • Johannil Napoleón, MAAT, LPC, is a multimedia artist (photography, painting and drawing), activist and art therapist. She is Dominican-Haitian born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (D.R). She received her Master’s degree in Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). From 2014-2015, she volunteered at Mariposa D.R Foundation, an organization for girls. During her time at Mariposa, she taught art classes, provided counseling and led community art projects. Johannil led a mural project, commissioned by Border of Lights, which stood at the border of D.R and Haiti as a sign of solidarity, peace, friendship and justice. Today, the mural lives in the city of Dajabón, D.R and has been exhibited in various social activism events to provoke conversations about the issues between Haiti and D.R. From 2012-2014 she worked at A Long Walk Home, where she worked in various capacities: Art Therapist, Program Coordinator and Executive Assistant. During her time at SAIC, she founded SPEAK: Empowering Students to Use Their Voice- a student group of artists and leaders who create art to educate and bring awareness about sexual violence to the community of SAIC. Currently, she is the Counselor for Columbia College Chicago’s college prep program, Upward Bound where Johannil is providing academic and mental health counseling to high school students to support them in their goal to attend college. Johannil’s passion is to continue to work with youth in under-resourced communities, educate and advocate for youth, create safe spaces where girls and womyn can gain a sense of empowerment through art, education and community engagement, and use art as a tool for healing and social change.  (2.20.16) E-mail:
  • Nicole C. Harris: CEO and Founder, NK Squared Errand and Concierge Services. CEO and Founder, Suena Enterprises. Author of the Soon-to-be-Released “Working Off the Beaten Path.” On-Air Personality at APS Radio. 41 year old divorced mother of 2 and 1 angel. (2.1.16)

*womyn is used as a less patriarchal and prejudicial spelling of women.

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